S|S PowerPuff Explained

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Presented as an ever evolving collection series,

S|S PowerPuff represents the journey each individual soul takes to exist in their purpose. Our creative process for this collection was majorly inspired by gemstones and the puffer aesthetic.


As far as gemstones go we decided to follow the color schemes associated with birthstones. For our first 2 releases you can find clean whites, as well as a growing vibrance of blues, pinks, and purples (and of course iridescence). This reflects the months April and June, respectively, being diamond and pearl/alexandrite. Gemstones exist in a variety of colors and sizes. Even within the April and June birthstones you can find so many different hues and cuts of diamond and alexandrite, but no matter the difference we can all find the beauty and the perfect one just for us.

sade torso brallete.jpg

Of course we observe and are always consuming tons of different art, collections, and are learning more about creators each day. Something we’ve always admired was the use of shape and manipulation a fashion designer uses to create a story within a garment. We got attracted to the idea of using the puffer quilting technique and took it a little further than outerwear, where we typically see it most. The art of quilting is no easy one, but we wanted to take on the challenge as a way to accentuate our theme of gemstones. In our collection you can see the use of diamond quilting patterns and puffer techniques in ways other than a Puffa or Bubble Coat.   

As the collection continues you will see our inspiration and ideas develop and expand. We hope that you are able to understand and resonate with our vision, as well as take our concepts and relate them to yourself. Following the release of our debut collection, Mono, S|S PowerPuff continues our exploration of self-realization and self-confidence. Not everyday is perfect, but the powerful energy we all possess should be shared, just as much as it should be protected. We are all beautifully dynamic and multi-faceted individuals; Lustrous, Galactic, & Vibrant.

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Sade Lewis