The Story of Mono

Mono the collection came about back in October (2016). For a while, we kept thinking about how cool it would be to do a collection with a monochromatic color scheme; hence the title Mono. Just about every component of this collection was nurtured and thought out. We started out writing down words/phrases that correlated with our stages of thought regarding color and race, particularly with being a woman. This was highly influenced by our own experiences throughout college (and A Seat at the Table just came out). Eventually we divided these thoughts into 3 segments, as you've seen, Nude, Grey, and Blue. (click to view looks)

We also wanted to express the personality and characteristics of each segment through the design and aesthetic of the collection. The Nude segment is structured, but still sexy. The pieces were created to portray the confidence a woman can give off without being overt. The Grey segment has a sophisticated complexity to it. A lot of the pieces were layered and are not as simple to put on. The Blue segment was the most fluid. Organza was specifically used to convey transparency and openness. However; while all segments do have a specific direction, they also overlap and reflect each other. 

We grow and transition throughout life by building on the things we've experienced and been through. Connecting the collection to our everyday lives, no segment is right or wrong. One day we can feel nude and the next day we can feel grey. Some of us may hope for the day we are blue and others may not believe it can exist. 

Mono serves as an artistic reflection of what we've been through. We hope that you can connect with it and that it provokes you to reflect on your own life experiences. 

Below are a few old sketches!

Sade Lewis