After handling some S | S business for our upcoming release, we headed to LES for some BFF eats!

Contrary to the nightclub vibe at the door, the interior decor is based on the 1940s; vintage inspired thonet wire chairs, lamp post lighting, & large scaled floral wallpaper with Biggie’s Hypnotize blasting in the background. During the brunching hours most people opt for the garden rooftop (if there’s space). Sadé and I have been here twice, once dining on the roof and once dining inside; so this will kinda be a blend of both visits!


To start we ordered drinks, of course. Sadé got a Bellini and I opted for a cocktail entitled “The Gypsy.” The drink was a combo of grapefruit, lime, chamomile, & mezcal; quite refreshing to be honest, & with a tangy zest. I think Sadé and I both got this our first visit there (August 2018), as well.

Jumping straight into entrees, we got a balance of savory & sweet. Sadé ordered the Stuffed French Toast. The brioche toast was stuffed with ricotta & maple infused mascarpone, coated in Frosted Flakes, topped with a ripe strawberry & faintly dusted powdered sugar. Extremely rich in flavor, the french toast was the perfect balance of crunch and tenderness. I got the savory Truffle Grilled Cheese with a side of perfectly crisp & lightly salted shoestring fries. With a combination of 3 cheeses: goat cheese, gruyére, & parmigiano reggiano, truffled mushrooms, and hints of arugula ; it was greaser than anticipated but I should’ve known better with 3 cheeses!

We got something different our first go round and it’s important to mention that we both changed some eating habits since August. We aren’t vegan, (yet? lol), but I haven’t been eating any meats, except seafood, and Sadé gave up pork and beef. She’s going 3 months strong and me, 5 months! Anywhooo, we got the Breakfast (chicken) Sausage Lollipops for an appetizer. As a main, Sadé got the Breakfast Flatbread (eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon crumble with spicy ketchup) and I got the Scrambled Egg Crostini (shrooms, ketchup, peppers, and hollandaise sauce). It’s sort of hard to go wrong with eggs! Both dishes were tasty, but I’m pretty sure Sadé didn’t really like the flatbread. But just because it’s a more flat and crunchy alternative to regular bread, I guess lol. Our friend actually got that Stuffed French Toast, which was bomb, and exactly the reason Sadé got it during our 2nd visit.

Both meals were honestly great. And both times we ordered another round of drinks because .... why not !?! The music was good and for the calm prices we’ll def be making this a go to spot when we’re in the area! It does get crowded with increasing popularity, but it’s still super chill with both upstairs and downstairs space.

Total Bill : about $80 (lost the receipt)


Orange - combining the energy of red and yellow, orange represents creativity and fascination. For our ratings the orange S’s will give value to the VIBE of the restaurant.

Chrome - we didn’t get too deep into color theory with this one. Green was basic fore money so we chose chrome instead (or grey/silver). These ratings will give value to the PRICE of the restaurant.

(>50 | 50-100 | 100-150 | 150-200 | 200-250 | 250<)

Red - a very emotional intense color associated with energy. Red serves as a stimulant, which explains why nearly all fast food joints use the color red (duh). The red S’s will give value to the TASTE of the food.

Sade Lewis