So, what's our story?


Heyyyyyy youuuuuuu!!

It's Sadé btw.

So to begin, Shaniya and I met in high school. We actually became cool friends our freshman year, but grew much closer junior/senior year while apart of a modeling club, Scarlets. I guess at that point we started to realize all the things we had in common. One obvious thing was the love of fashion (even though looking back we dressed terrible) and of course High School Musical (our faveeeeeee!!). We both ended up at FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and literally studied the exact same thing. Fashion Merchandising Management (AAS) and Production Management (BS). I know most of you probably don't know what Production Management is... Google it. Anyways, starting our Bachelor's degree in that really inspired us to actually do what we've always talked about, starting our own clothing brand. Our endeavors started out with a summer sewing class, which we both dropped after like a week lol. It was just too intense for us being beginners and for it to also be summer break. So, tbh, most of our skillset comes from being self- taught. Our classes at FIT were extremely helpful, especially in grooming our business mindset, but we weren't design majors. We were taught a lot of valuable material, such as all the stitch types and seams, I kinda forgot some lol, but I say this to say we really took the time out to research and practice on our own. And November 3rd, 2015 we did our first fashion show with about 12 looks. I hate all of them now, but the feeling was amazing. We worked so hard, having to balance school and work, but made it happen. From then we've just expanded and grown so much. Shaniya is my true best friend and I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. We literally balance each other out, which definitely shows in our work. We have a lot to learn, we aren't perfect, but we're working on it lol.

Hope you like us :)