This past Saturday, July 21st, Inspo held its second annual Inspo Expo. Last year we debuted our MONO collection, which entailed a runway presentation, however this year we decided to do something a little different. We created the S|S Garden

We created art pieces inspired by the birthstones for the following months: April, June, August, October, & December & an associated short poem with our interpretation of the power of each gem.



We are genuinely appreciative of the support that INSPO received this weekend. We worked tirelessly to create an amazing platform where creatives can feel comfortable to honestly vibe; It's truly a testament to what greatness can come when we collaborate. Thank you to all those who participated, came out & supported, or even liked a pic on the gram; the energy was beyond this comic stratum & we are truly grateful! This was such a learning experience and we are both so eager to present bigger and better things!

Stay Tuned. WE have so much more in store ;)

Sade Lewis