S|S Conversation Series no.1: "Nola, darling... $558.82?"

She’s Gotta Have It is a Netflix series by Spike Lee based on his 1986 film of the same title, also Spike’s FIRST film. The main character, Nola Darling, is an openly pansexual woman who has 3 different men in her life; whom all connect to her in different ways.

We highly recommend you watch the series (and movie for comparisons) to gain better context and your own understanding of Ms. Darling and what we’re about to say.



She's Gotta Have It

Episode 3: #LBD

AKA little black dress, for those of you who don’t know, was an episode that stood out to us. Yes, the significance of this episode was very powerful, butttttt $558.72….with tax???? Sis.

Sadé: Ok before we drag Nola for disrespecting her wallet let’s backtrack a little. The combination of Nola’s sexual harassment encounter, her art being defaced, and dealing with her 3 lovers has her in a position where she feels like she needs to uplift herself and regain power. Nola decides to meet with a therapist who suggests she starts to do more things that make her feel happy, confident, and powerful. This lands Nola in a little boutique…

Shaniya: First of all, Nola should’ve been alarmed off rip when she entered in the establishment and realized it wasn’t black owned. The cashier casually profiled her as soon as she walked in and helped herself to the clothing racks. Personally, everything that was chosen was generally not my taste but she settles for the basic black dress.

Sadé: That same dress is at Forever 21.. Actually it’s from Forever 21. It’s a simple velvet mini dress, some shoulder cut outs, little cleavage action. The best thing about it is probably the fit, but for $558.72…

Shaniya: For $558.72 it should’ve been a gown composed of the rarest of fibers, embroidered in an atelier and hand delivered to her doorstep personally in a horse and carriage. Not split on 3 credit cards, which has to be paid back with interest.

Sadé: Honestly shout out to Clorinda for being some sort of voice of reason, but I would’ve dragged you out the store 🙂 .

Shaniya: & break all my cards in the process because I don’t deserve to have any means of monetary value.

Sadé: Exactly. So lover date #1… Jamie Overstreet. Top 1 most annoying. He was acting like she had on a see thru mesh dress, with side boob, underboob, and cleavage cutouts, AND her buttcheeks out, with a thong on and no bra. (just visualize something from fashion nova). Nobody paid no mind to Nola. Out of all 3 guys he dragged it THE MOST.

Shaniya: I highkey would’ve launched his damn jacket across the entire restaurant. We’re on a date, I’m not your child. Chill out bruh.

Sadé: Marssssssss my fave. However the acid washed jean vest.. Ew Nola. Also, in this scenario I think she did over exaggerate a bit. Mars wasn’t necessarily projecting his own feelings towards her in the dress, but calling out the dude in the club.. Idk.

Shaniya: Over exaggerate a bit? Nola consistently says that Mars is the fun for her. Soon as she walked out of her crib that was depicted: amphing her coming down the steps, kissed her J’s, and caught a little fake heart attack. He takes her out to a reggae concert at Milk River to cheer her up and turn up for a little because he knows she isn’t in the best of spirits. Mars defends her when ole boy tries it and he becomes the problem? One little joke about Black on Black crime and Mars is the root of the entire issue? Mars animatedly expressed himself about his feelings towards the dress when she walked out the crib, the situation didn’t change that. She just became overtly sensitive.

Sadé: And then there’s Greer. He’s mad weird, but his reaction I expected the most. Their connection is overtly sexual and wild all the time so, yes, sex is what he responds with. When she kept saying “stop!” and “you’re making me uncomfortable” all I could see is him crawling on the floor towards her making lion roars 😭 . Now that made ME uncomfortable. But I did find it cute that he said “vintage velvet ooo lala.” At least somebody tried to look closely at the dress and identify the details and fabrication… $558.72 right?

Shaniya: Greer is weirdo on a regular but his comments made me uncomfortable too lol. I’m actually always uncomfortable when Greer is on camera lol. Their relationship is basically about sex on a regular so I can see why Greer was hella confused when she started yelling at him. She did however give him permission to take the photos but he did make it an uncomfortable situation.

Sadé: At the end of the episode I loved that Miss Ella was the one who truly made her feel good about the dress. Even though I wish somehow Nola came to that revelation on her own, it’s great that she was able to connect to another woman (no pun intended… Opal). Sidebar! Mars was praying for her (to MJ but whatever) !!! Reasons why he is the best. Greer really took some nice pictures of her AND they were of her face not even her body. Jamie… lol. All in all the great thing about the guys is in some ways they are all willing to be wrong and corrected by Nola.

Shaniya: Exactly! I thought it was dope that Ms. Ella fed her ego a little bit. I was annoyed that Jamie seems way more concerned about the dress than Nola herself. “I love your black dress. I miss you.” Bruh …. Mars is praying for her & Greer is trying to decipher the pain in her eyes from the photographs he took, f*ck your text lol.

Next time, Nola, spend your money on S|S.

Which of Nola's "lovers" do you like the most?
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